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monday luxuries

Hi friends!

Here is a thing that I could say is my new favorite thing, but I've loved at least half of it since forever, so I'll just say: here is something nice. Weekend brunch with friends is pretty much my all-time favorite luxury.

Sunday five of my favorite people and I went to brunch at Brave Horse, where all of our breakfasty things were really effing delicious, and I had a bloody mary that was the size of the Pacific Ocean. It doesn't look that big in the photo, but trust me - I couldn't even finish it.

After brunch, we saw Arthur Christmas (IN 3D!!!),


which was kind of cute until I started overthinking it and got all mad about how GrandSanta is hella crotchety for all the wrong reasons, Current Santa is a bumbling fool (even though GrandSanta is 136 and still is sharp as a tack), and Santa-Elect is an anal-retentive beefcake who just doesn't have the HEART. Of course the dork in the hand knit Christmas sweater wins in the end, because that is what Christmas is all about - the CARING. I was just annoyed at how much they had to highlight how much everyone else sucks - except Mrs. Claus, who is a silent rockstar, and not much attention is paid to her by the men at all. HRMPH. ANyway, if you can take it at face value it's a cute movie, and was fun in 3d, though I'd probably have been just as happy watching it in 2d.

That being said, I have the CUTEST LITTLE CHRISTMAS TREE EVER and a BRAND SPANKING NEW JOB so I'm pretty damned happy right now. I was on my feet all day though (and got up super super super early for me) so as of 830 I'm yawn city. Here's to tomorrow!



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