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monday luxuries

Hi guys! I was just about to write GOOD MORNING! to you all but realized it's 2 pm. Time flies... sometimes.


Today's luxury: fine stationery. I've always loved stationery despite the fact that I'm pretty much the worst letter writer ever. I used to do it a lot more but now I'm such a thankless jerk I hardly even write thank you notes. Sorry friendsies. I love you.

My personal fave is G. Lalo Verge de France. It's got a nice laid finish and has a really nice weight and takes fountain pen ink really well. It comes in a bunch of nice colors with coordinating envelopes and feels more luxurious than, say, Crane's or something. I love the size of the smaller sheets (6x8"ish, it's in crazy centimeters), and the envelopes are self sealing and lined. Fancy! They're pretty affordable too, the 50 sheet tablets are in the $12-14 range, and packs of 20 envelopes are a couple of bucks more. I had a rubber stamp made with my name and address so I can pretend I have custom printed 'house' stationery for a fraction of the price. 

Go write somebody a letter.



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