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Last night I dreamed that I was at some sort of wedding shower event at Macy's. After the celebration of whoever it was, each lady was given ownership of a cubby in the ballroom, the contents of which she now owned.

It seemed like perhaps you were given that space to store items from your registry before you were married and moved into your new house, and when you were done storing things there and were ready to relinquish ownership, you filled it up with beautiful or useful things for the next assignee to the cubby.

Each assigned "cubby" was a two foot wide, floor to ceiling section behind doors around the edges of the ballroom. There was a cabinet below the counter, some pigeonholey nooks above the counter, and then cabinets all the way to the ballroom ceiling. My mom was at the party and had the section on my right, against the wall, and another friend had the section on my left. The friend and I had contents that were similar, and we determined that they were clearly filled by classy old ladies; my mom's was from a much younger, hipper lady - I remember seeing a fruit basket with a jar of lemon curd in it, loose cherries that were obviously still fresh, and homemade lemon curd sort of glopped into the corner of the basket with no cover on it or separation from the other items, but it was still good; I was covetous of this basket.

My section contained myriad delights - flatware in a huge amount of place settings, and in a tasteful pattern; a humorous bust of an 18th century second-rate literary figure rendered in white glazed ceramic with a hand-painted and gilded crown of flowers on his head, marked "Martha Stewart" and "1957" on the bottom but the box said 1958; and a number of other candlesticks and tchotchkes. The crowning glory, however, at least in my mind, was a pair of ceramic Cocktail Ducks (or perhaps geese? I forget) by Kate Spade, about which I remember nothing except that they were a pair, they were fancy, they were in perfect condition in their original boxes, and I was very excited to put them out on the table at my next cocktail party.

Later, or perhaps earlier, in the same dream, I scaled the wall of a strip mall to the roof - by myself! - which is something I had not been able to do a week earlier.




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