pumpkin praline cheesecake

pumpkin praline cheesecake pumpkin praline cheesecake

Thanksgiving dinner, I made this. Yum.

weddings, weddings, weddings!

so, clearly I am the world's worst blogger, but I have been busy baking things recently, and have given out a veritable buttload of business cards with this web address on it, directing plenty of you beautiful and charming people to a website that is NEVER UPDATED. My bad, guys. There have been a whole lot of weddings going on. I made a whole evening available for blogging and then was thwarted by evil forces. SO I will leave you with some photos and what is hopefully not an empty promise to be more on top of updating. Thanks for hanging in there.

Love, Abby

September: nuts

In September, I learned a lot of things. I learned that I can, in fact, make 425 servings of cake in one weekend with one standard-sized KitchenAid. Here is the prep work (so handy); the assembly process; and one nearly-finished festive cake with sprinkles. I made four half-sheets for a school opening, a project my office worked on. I will probably not do this again (for this price).IMG_2293








Camping with Friends and Family

The first weekend in August, I went camping on Orcas Island with some buddies. The campsite my friend Jon picked, Doe Bay, was really great. TheyIMG_1972 have a first class restaurant and a sauna and hot tub, and it's sitting on a beautiful bay. We saw deer and ate oysters fresh out of the bay, made lots of delicious breakfast and went into town where they were having a festival. It's always nice to be up in the islands.

Two weekends later, I went camping down by Mt. Rainier with my cousins and my brother. It's an annual event so we can all get together, since my cousins all live in Oregon. We had a really chill time. There weren't that many cousins available this summer but we still had fun. Two words: cake s'mores. YESSSSS.

Whitman Block Party

Last night was a super awesome block party thrown by my friends Thomas and Jenni's neighbors, in Fremont/Wallingford. These neighbors are, first of all, super cool, and I'm super jealous that I don't get to live in their neighborhood. BUT I got to join in the fun anyway.  There was local beer, hot dogs and veggie burgers, sodas and live music. I missed the first band (artist?) but saw the 2nd and 3rd acts. They were both really good - but the last band, the Hong Kong Tailors, played a billion different instruments (including my favorites: banjo and accordion) and they were funny and nice to boot. I hope they make it big.

This street is about half a mile from where I grew up in Wallingford, and it's full of really fun creative arty young couples and families, and I miss it a ton. Wallingford, some day I'll come back to you. I promise.

Dear Amazon Fresh, I Love You

Dear Amazon Fresh,

When I first heard about you over a year ago, it was because a friend of mine was working day and night on developing it. You sounded pretty cool but I never really got the chance to actually hang out with you. A while later you sent me an email, asking me if I'd be interested, and I said yes, but I didn't hear back from you so I kind of forgot about you.

Recently you sent me another email - apparently you hadn't forgotten about me. You said you were going to be in the neighborhood and maybe we could hang out. I was busy so I put it aside, but then my best friend said you might be cool, and I checked out your profile and liked what I saw. Also I had just busted my driving foot - so I set up a date.

Getting ready for our first date was pretty exciting. Organic grass fed beef for under $5 a pound! Bananas at whatever ripeness my little heart desired! A huge selection of beer and wine! You even offered to bring me sewing books with my groceries. All that, and you let me pick the date, time, and place, and said I could change my mind up to 7 hours before our date.

Our first date was amazing. Your driver was really friendly and brought all my groceries up and put them in my kitchen for me. You even gave me flowers, which I didn't expect. The grapes I ordered were sweet and crunchy, the flowers were pretty, and everything was fresh, fresh, fresh and exactly as I ordered. I was smitten.

Today we had our second date. Yesterday I called you and asked if you could come over, and bring me some things, and you obligingly agreed. Then when I changed my mind in the middle of the night and asked you to bring even more stuff, you didn't bat an eye. You even waived the $5 delivery fee! You showed up on time, again, and the delivery guy was super nice, again. After he unloaded you and we were alone, you gave me a priceless gift. You may not have even done it on purpose, but my 12 pack of Cherry Coke Zero was already ice cold. I am in love. I know we haven't known each other for very long, but it feels so right. I know we can have a really great life together. Will you marry me?

With all my heart,


4th of July, Taylor style

abby rocks the partyHey guys!

Due to my knife fight in a bar parking lot, I haven't been crafting so much, but I still managed to rock our family's 4th of July party. My parents have a great house in Wallingford with a killer view of the Lake Union fireworks, so we usually throw a giant bbq and make a bunch of pie. This is our 8th? 10th? year  and we always have a grand time.

My mom is the pie maven - I help (I cut all the shortening into the flour for the crusts, and mixed up the fillings) but Mom makes a way better pie crust than I do, and she does the lion's share of the work. My dad helps too - this year he learned how to roll out pie crusts! He is cute.

I parked myself on the back porch and made people grill me steak and bring me beer and pie, and draw on my cast. It seemed to work out pretty well for me.

I'm slowly listing all the baby quilts I've been finishing during my unemployment at - you should probably check 'em out and pass it on. Mama needs a Wii.



kitchen safety is important

soooo I finally did it. After over a dozen years of working in kitchens, I finally let my guard down and a knife slipped off the counter and onto my bare foot. Several hours later, I had under my belt my first urgent care visit, my first stitches (three!), and a totally sweet walking boot. The cut was less than an inch long but they think I messed up one of my ligaments, so I can't raise my big toe. I have to meet with an orthopedic surgeon this week to see if I need to get that fixed too. Adventures!

On the bright side, I got some absolutely GORGEOUS strawberries at the University Farmer's Market yesterday morning. My dad popped one in his mouth, and then immediately said in the most blissful voice, "I want to marry this strawberry." They were that good.

I made two big cakes for a friend of a friend's 40th birthday party - I would have made them slightly fancier but I was a little more concerned about my foot (accident happened about 15 minutes before I was going to leave to drop them off), so I skimped a little bit on the pretty. I did not skimp on the delicious.

And now, my PSA: put all knives towards the back of the counter, and be mindful of cords on kitchen appliances, like your hand mixer.
That is all.


I have a feeling this is how mothers feel. You know that you're making something really wonderful, and you're doing everything you can to make sure it comes out right, you're being really careful about everything. Then after months of hard work, you get the finished product in your hands, and you look at it and you are one hundred percent positive that there has never been a single thing as beautiful as this on the face of the earth.

That's totally how I feel about this quilt. It isn't done yet, but I know it's going to be good when it's finally 'born'. I can't wait for the big day.

snuggle test

welcome to a new era!

inspired by the orla kiely multi leaves
inspired by the orla kiely multi leaves
Hi friends!

The internet is a large and diverse place. There are so many blogging/social networking/retailing sites out there, and I felt like I was spread too thin. So, with the help of some very intelligent and helpful friends, I have consolidated everything into this one shiny new site.

Below you will find links to the two Etsy shops I'm involved in, my bio, FAQs, links, and all the rest of the usual stuff. I welcome your feedback - I want this site to be as clean, fresh, and easy to use as possible.

My old blogs can still be found at and

I'm excited to showcase my creative skills in this new format, and I want to thank you for coming along with me!

Cheers to you, and cheers to me!


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